“Princess” (Lady’s Apache Princess) TWHBEA # 20505593/SO. Foaled 7/11/06 Princess will likely be a little shorter than some, like her mother, (Lady) but she appears to have the strength, durability, and gait of her mother. If so, she will be dynamic. She is a great looker now, bay with white chrome, and is very smart and tractable. As she sheds her winter coat it almost appears that she could turn black. She has been started, saddled, long lined quite a bit, and well before summer of 07 should be ridden lightly.

She is strong and athletic and moves really well.

She was imprinted at birth, and is a great lover. Her mother is a great trail horse and has produced tremendous colts so far. (See on this website.) Her sire is Apache, who is shown on this web site.

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