“Lancey” – (Goldie’s Notorious Lance) TWHBEA # 20404172 foaled May 4, 2004. Her mother, Goldy, has a wonderful disposition. Our daughter selected the name “Lancey” in honor of Lance Armstrong’s legacy. (Not that he was in any way responsible, of course, and there is no indication that Lancey will ride a bicycle.) She also has a little crooked blaze that appears sort of like a lance. She was imprinted at birth and is also a great lover.

She has been packed in the wilderness and never even jostled the packs or was in any way flighty. She has been ridden in the meadow and on trails and has a phenomenal gentle, tractable disposition, as well as a great gait. She really wants to please and is very responsive to a light touch. She has been ridden alone and with a crowd of horses, and even leads right out on the trails. She is settled and mature way beyond her years. I can ride up to an electric fence, open it, ride through, and close it without ever dismounting. I have ridden her with saddle or bareback, in either event just with a light rope halter.

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