“Goldy” – (Sue’s Apache Coin) TWHBEA # 19909328. Foaled 7-22-99. SOLD This sorrel mare has delivered two fine foals on our place, and a third to her new owners. Her 2003 colt, “Marley,” is now a wonderful gelding. Her 2004 foal is “Lancey,” a three year old filly. Both can be seen on this website.

Goldy has a wonderful calm disposition, and is quite tall and long legged. She is capable of traveling well and making it seem effortless. She takes long strides and appears to not be working to keep up. She is capable of leading as well.

She has been ridden, packed, and used in the “Bob Marshall Wilderness” complex and a variety of other trail experiences. She is smart and catches on. She goes through water, mud, over logs, etc., effortlessly. She is willing, calm, and has been ridden by numerous inexperienced riders. She is ridden with a rope halter, and responds well. In fact, I have never ridden her with anything else, as there has been no need.

She has been a great pack horse, as she has nice withers, and has no problem keeping up. She rarely ever has to have the packs adjusted, both because of her withers and smooth gait. She just doesn’t jostle the pack boxes.

Her gait is longer and more like a traditional Tennessee Walker. She can cover the ground and not wear you out. (Lady, for example, just sort of “dances” or “floats.”) Goldy has that wonderful little smooth “swing” to her stride.

She was mostly trained with “Natural Horsemanship” techniques advanced by Pat Parelli. She is nearly “bomb proof.” Once she is exposed to new things, they become no big deal.

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