“Dusty” – (Lady’s Dusty Obsidian) TWHBEA # 20403624. Foaled April 28, 2004 of “Lady” – (“Dandy’s Mystic Lady.”) SOLD
She was imprinted at birth. In fact, I got to her before she had ever stood up the first time. She is very loving and accustomed to people. She moves really well, like her mother, and has a great temperament. She has a great over stride and appears to be built like her mother. She has a shorter back than some with longer legs than her mother, and lots of energy.

When she was first foaled, she was not quite black, but rather a dark steel gray. This gives rise to her name “Dusty Obsidian.” She has turned out to be quite black with white markings. She is flashy and a great mover.

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