Yakone – Foaled 5/2/06. The name is an Alaska name having to do with “Red Aurora” or something of that sort. Our daughter working at the University of Alaska got her office people to come up with an Alaskan name, and this one rose to the surface. Go figger. Yakone (Pronounced “yuh cone ee” not Yak One) is a yearling in 2007. She is not registered, but I believe could be a registered paint if desired for breeding or other purposes. Her mother is a registered paint mare, Kootenay, that weighs around 1100 pounds, her sire is Apache, a registered Tennessee Walker. Yakone is larger than the other yearlings, and is growing into a flashy little filly. She is very quick and athletic. She was imprinted at birth.

Her mother is very tractable, and has been ridden and packed in a host of wilderness adventures. She has carried some large men with gear a lot of miles. Yakone promises to be larger and stronger than most of the other Walkers, but she does have the Walker over stride, and I suspect and hope that she will be gaited. If so, she could be an excellent choice for someone who may need a little larger horse.

If not gaited, she will still be a tremendously athletic quarter horse.

She appears to be very quick and athletic and has a little more of the quarter horse build of her mother. One can only hope she gets the best of both worlds. Her sire is Apache, who is shown on this web site.

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