“Rhythm” – (Sonic’s Rhythm Bell) TWHBEA # 891355 Foaled 5/10/89. Rhythm is 14.3 Hands and weighs about 1000 lbs. She is a great seasoned mare. She has a great temperament, is nearly bomb proof, and can also be ridden with just a halter. She has carried a lot of novice riders around, and yet she has lots of energy and can really travel.

She has many good years left, and yet has the seasoning that many are looking for in helping develop a young or less than confident rider. I think she is about as steady and solid as they come. I would not hesitate to take off into the “Bob” with her either to ride or pack, but whoever she is with, she can keep up and is a smooth ride. And, she is perfectly willing to lead out and set the pace.

She would well more than pay for herself with a foal or two as a brood mare, but is such a great ride that she is also an excellent saddle horse.

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