Kootenay – (Kootenay Squaw) American Paint Horse Association # 482,483. Foaled 6/14/98. Kootenay is a bay with white Tobiano beautiful tri-color mare. Although her name is not “politically correct,” she is a great saddle horse, and has been used a lot on trails and in the wilderness. She has been ridden and packed, and carried some heavy riders with rifle, saddlebags and gear all day. She is tough and has a lot of heart.

She is about 1100 pounds, and very strong and athletic. She has largely quarter horse background, with heavy hind quarters, shoulders, and neck.
She has been ridden by riders of all age and skill levels. She is very responsive, and has been very safe and steady. I have only ridden her with a rope halter or hackamore, as nothing more has been needed. Some of her earlier training, however, was with a bit.

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