“Marley” – (Marley Apache Pride) TWHBEA # 20303564.   Foaled 5/23/03 This beautiful sorrel gelding with a white blaze and long main and tail is the first colt foaled on our place. In April of 2010 he is 15.+ hands high and weighs around 1000 lbs. He was imprinted at birth, given lots of attention, and it shows. He is a real lover. You can walk up to him anywhere, and he loves attention. He will come to you to get it.

He was given a permanent “attitude adjustment” (gelded) in the summer of 2004. He has a quiet and gentle temperament, and is the kind of horse anyone can use with confidence. His mother, “
Goldy” has a quiet disposition and a great gait. Marley has been ridden and packed in the wilderness on many trips, and ridden in a variety of circumstances by riders of all ages and skill levels in an open meadow and on trails.  With some time and more miles, he is nearly “bomb proof.”  

He was mostly trained with “Natural Horsemanship” techniques advanced by Pat Parelli. Once he is exposed to new things, they become no big deal. I can ride up to an electric fence, open it, ride through, and close it without ever dismounting. I have ridden him with saddle or bareback with just with a light rope halter.

Marley is a great horse for almost anyone.  

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