“Lady” – (Dandy’s Mystic Lady) TWHBEA # 967449. Foaled 5-29-96. She is 14.2 hands high, and weighs about 1000 lbs. She is not a tall horse, but is very tough and has great stamina. This 11 year old mare is perhaps the most unusual mare I have seen in the past 23 years. She doesn’t like to just “stand around.” She is ready to travel and loves it. She moves out the most smoothly and quickly of any horse I know of. She puts her nose on the trail and moves out.

She has been ridden many miles on trails and in the wilderness and hunting with only a rope halter. Since I have had her, she has been ridden only with a hackamore (or the rope halter) in any situation, though I believe she was been ridden with a bit before. For most folks in most settings, a hackamore is all she ever needs. She does not need a bit, and is very responsive. She seems to have “power steering.”

Not a horse for everyone, but for an experienced rider who wants a horse to be able to lead the way, travel quickly, keep up with anyone, have no fear of water, mud, trails, or even packing, she should be considered. She has great strength and endurance and energy.

Her gait is hard to describe, but she just “dances” or “floats.” She is a pleasure to ride and a delight to watch. To watch the head of a rider if the horse was out of sight would appear that the rider was on an airport moving walkway. She is very surefooted, agile, and athletic. I have clocked her with a GPS traveling at over 10 mph without trotting or cantering. She is a very unusual and excellent ride, and throws beautiful foals.  As a saddle horse, she is pretty much without peer.

She has extensive trail experience in a variety of settings, including numerous horse packing trips into the “Bob Marshall Wilderness” complex.
She is acquainted with a hi line, picketing, electric fencing, and all other aspects of wilderness camping, hunting, etc. She has been used for packing, and never lets the rope go tight. She does extremely well in that setting. Of course, she is such an exceptional saddle horse that rarely would anyone want to use her to pack. I wanted to see how she would do, and since I was training other horses to lead, I tried it, and she was magnificent. She has also been used in hunting, carrying rider, rifle, saddle bags, pommel bags, etc.

She is a great mare for the right kind of person. She has been ridden in the wilderness many miles by my 125 pound niece from Indiana, and by a variety of men of varying sizes and skill. Many “non horsemen” have ridden her a lot of miles. I would not suggest that her best use would be as a “trainer” for a novice; however, if the novice is confident and would properly get used to her, that novice would be spoiled for life for any other horse.

I could give references of those who have ridden her on extended trips who are certainly “spoiled” by her. To ride anything else is like stepping from a Cadillac, or maybe more like a Porsche, to a garden variety vehicle.

She is plenty strong, but I don’t know how well she would hold up to a really heavy person with a lot of gear. She is not a particularly heavy boned or large horse, but in the right setting will walk away from most anyone I have ever ridden with, which is quite a few. I have had 200+ lb. men with saddle bags, rifle, etc., ride her all day, and she had more stuff at the end of the day than most of the rest of the horses.

She can definitely get you out of the woods in a hurry. I have ridden her out after dark on several occasions, and am glad she can see well, and is exceptionally sure footed.
She would, I believe, be a tremendous endurance prospect or great for anyone wanting to put in trail miles quickly and smoothly with no strain for the rider.
Her first foal, “Dusty,” now 3, is a beautiful and flashy black filly with white accents. She is sold, but at three years old is steady, smooth, and fast gaited. Dusty and her biography can be seen on this website.

Her foal, Beauty, can be seen on this website. 

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