“Beauty” – (Lady’s Apache Beauty) TWHBEA # 20605534/BL Foaled June 10, 2006. Beauty is almost solid black with just a white sock. She was imprinted at birth, and is very tractable.   She is not tall, but has plenty of energy and a wonderful fast and smooth gait.  She is very responsive, like a fine sports car.  She is alert, quick, and athletic.  She has been ridden in just a rope halter and does very well with that.  She has been trained with largely natural horsemanship tecnhiques.  She loads in a trailer with no problem, gives up her feet well, and is an excellent and gorgeous little filly.   I am not a farrier, but have trimmed and shod her several times myself.  She has been both ridden and packed, and is very sure footed.  She already has had significant trail experience with crossing rivers and streams, being on the highline, etc.

Beauty will not likely be large.  As of April of 2010 She is four years old and weighs around 875 lbs.  She is the same height as her mother and I expect her to fill out for the next year or two and finish out at around 1000 lbs.  If she has her mother's strength and endurance, she will be a phenomenal trail horse.  She shows the signs of having all those traits of both Lady and Apache. 

She is not for everyone.  She will be  tremendous for a confident woman or youth, or for a man under about 200 lbs.  I weigh around 185, and she has kept up with anyone I have ridden with.  she will continue to mature for another year or two, but is already a great saddle horse for the right person.  She is not for someone timid or that simply wants to loaf around the yard.  She is not yet suitable as a "baby sitter."  But for someone that wants a tremendous athletic trail or pleasure horse, she will be ideal.   If you have trouble keeping up with whoever you are riding with, give her a look.

Beauty would do best working for someone that enjoyed riding and did a lot of it. I don’t think she would do as well for someone who wanted a horse to go out for a leisurely ride once every six weeks or so. She is not the horse for you if you ride with ordinary or non-gaited horses a lot, as you are forever waiting for them to catch up. But if you ride with someone who always is going on ahead of you, Beauty will fix that problem and have them wanting you to slow down. You will love and enjoy her, while those watching her from behind will be filled with awe and envy. (Which is a wonderful thing!!)

Her mother (Lady) is among the most remarkable trail horses I have ever had.  She is 14.2 hands, and weighs around 1000 lbs.  She has tremendous gait, endurance, and trail savvy.   She has outwalked most horses on the trail, both in speed, and endurance and has done it with smoothness that cannot be described.  I have never ridden with anyone that could keep up with her.  She is short, but extremely athletic and strong.  Although Lady has been sold, I have her on the website to show her credentials.   (See on this website.)

Her sire is Apache, who is shown on this web site.

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