“Apache” – (Apache’s Mystic) TWHBEA # 20211945. Foaled July 17, 2002. SOLD He is 14.3 hands high and weighs around 1000 lbs. Apache was my main stud for several years before being gelded.  This picture was taken when he was younger and before having been gelded, and is out of date.  He is still included as several of his foals are currently for sale.   He is a great saddle horse, and is very willing.

He has been used daily on many wilderness trips.  He has been ridden and packed, and takes to both with great ease. He rarely jostles the pack boxes or needs to have the packs adjusted.  He keeps up easily, and has nice withers.  He is a very smooth ride, and very responsive. He has been trained in and ridden with only a rope halter, and responds well enough that I can ride him up to an electric fence gate, open it, go through and reclose it without ever dismounting.   Even as a stud I could ride him bareback among the mares with only a rope halter.  He has great conformation and temperament, and his foals seem to have captured his best characteristics.

He has been through the rivers and creeks and mud and snow and rocks of the wilderness and performed superbly. He is used to a Hi line, picketing, electric fencing, and all other aspects of wilderness camping, hunting, etc.  He has been used for packing, carrying rider, rifle, saddle bags, pommel bags, etc. He has been ridden by several novice riders and never given any problems.

He and all of my stock have been mostly trained with “Natural Horsemanship” techniques advanced by Pat Pirelli.

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