Welcome to our website for some great Montana mountain experienced Tennessee Walking Horses.

(I also have a few others, most of which do have mountain and/or wilderness experience, but the main part is the “Tennessee Walkers.”) Feel free to look around, see what stock is available, or connect with us about issues ranging from training strategies to wilderness experiences and tricks. I am always interested in the experiences of others and glad to share what experience I have encountered.

Each horse might be best for different uses or the experience and temperament of the rider. I have described the horses the best I can in this fairly brief format. I am always glad to discuss particular stock or specific situations and usages and give an honest opinion about which ones would work best. I want anyone who ends up with one of my horses to be content for years to come, to provide a good home for the horse, and be able to be friends for life, both with me and with the horse.
I have stock ranging in age from one yearling in 2010 to prime experienced trail horses, to “babysitters” or starter horses for young, inexperienced, or timid riders.


Dusty Brown
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Feb 18, 2020
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